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About Compass Plus®

What is "Compass Plus™"?

Compass Plus™ is an integrated "dual-scale" survey solution that combines the insight and flexibility of professional consultants with the efficiency of an Internet delivered/computer scored survey system.
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What do your consultants do?

Our consultants work with you to develop a custom, meaningful survey that will obtain just the information you need for your business issue. They are available during survey implementation to answer questions that may arise and at the conclusion of the survey to help you interpret results and to recommend training or other action.
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Are we required to use the consultant?

No. If you are experienced in designing and implementing surveys you can contract for just the Internet component. We recommend that first-time users or organizations without staff to devote significant time to survey design use the consultant however. The quality of the results our consultants bring to the process is always valuable.
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We are not located near your headquarters. How would we work with your consultant?

We are equipped to work with your team remotely, via our proprietary "WebPresenter" system.
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What is done on the Internet?

The question set (developed by our consults or provided by customer) is entered into the Compass Plus™ engine on our server. A custom log-on page is created for your organization including a unique URL and password and specific instructions to your users. As users complete the surveys, real-time progress reports are available for your review. At the conclusion of the survey, easy-to-read reports are generated giving you the detailed results you need.
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Is our data secure?

Yes, the area of our server we dedicate to you is encrypted and requires a password so that only you can access your data. While out of necessity our maintenance staff can access your data, our confidentiality policy guarantees that your data will never be used for any purpose that you do not authorize.
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What is a "Dual Scale" survey?

This is where a second response is required for each question. For example, instead of just asking "How well does the subject display an interest in people as they speak?" we ask for a rating on both "Current Performance" and "Your Expectations". This way, we can determine not only how well a person is performing, but how well they are performing against expectations. This is a very powerful technique and is the most accurate way to measure performance. View a more detailed explanation of "Dual Scale".
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Do "Dual Scale" surveys take longer to complete than single-scale?

Yes, somewhat. Because there is an additional score required, dual-scale surveys will take slightly longer to complete than the simpler single-scale format. Keep in mind though, that your evaluator has already read and considered a question, and to enter a second score does not take a significant amount of time. And, the value of the additional information will far outweigh the minimal increase in the time to complete the survey.
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Are your surveys expensive?

Our customers don't think so. Our Dual Scale survey is priced at the higher end of the typical "single scale" systems found on the web but our results are much more complete. Our recommended solution including our consultant is very reasonable for the service provided and the results obtained. Survey pricing is based on the type of survey and how many people will be taking it. View our current pricing.
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How long does it take to initiate a Compass Plus™ survey?

Your company-specific survey can usually be set up on our server within two days of our receiving the completed question set and user information. Development time for the question set can vary and is dependant on the requesting organization. If we have all the information we need from an organization, we can generally develop a question set in a couple of days.
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Can Compass Plus™ deliver a 360-degree, dual-scale survey?

Absolutely. This is our recommended survey for most management, leadership and employee development programs. It is by far the best way to help survey subjects see the need for change. What is 360-degree dual-scale survey? It is a survey in which you evaluate yourself on a set of criteria, your manager evaluates you, as do your peers and direct reports. You receive a report on how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Our dual scale feature adds significant additional information and value to the results.
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What are the benefits of 360-degree feedback dual-scale survey?

To the person:

  • The process helps individuals to understand how others perceive them
  • Feedback is essential for growth and learning
  • Feedback delivered as "people want more (or less) of a practice" is consistent with the philosophy that there in no one correct approach and is easier to accept
  • Individuals can better manage their own performance and careers by knowing their strengths and weaknesses
  • Quantifiable data on soft skills

To the organization:

  • Custom surveys can reinforced corporate culture by linking survey items to organizational leadership competencies and company values
  • Better career development for employees
  • Feedback comes from peers, associates and direct reports, not just managers
  • Customer service can be improved by having customers contribute to the evaluation process
  • Training developed based on feedback is much more relevant and effort is not wasted on areas not needing improvement

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Can we conduct a single scale survey?

Yes, and for some applications, this is the correct survey type to use.
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Can you conduct a "customer satisfaction" survey?

Yes. We would probably recommend a dual scale format because in addition to learning how customers perceive you, you would learn which areas are the most important to your customers.
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What other types of surveys can you deliver?

Just about any type. Because our consultants listen to your specific needs and get to know your company, we can design a survey that meets all your requirements.

What type of reports are produced?

Both individual and composite. Composite reports can be designed to provide data by sub-category, such as a region, department, job classification and so on. This type of detail is important in the needs analysis phase of training program design. Additionally, we can repeat a survey after a training program has been in place for a time, and deliver a report on the effectiveness of the program.
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How are the reports delivered?

On-line and as printable files.
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Some of our employees will not have Internet access... Can we include them in the survey process?

Yes, we are able to generate paper-based surveys for people without computer or Internet access. If your intention is for a 100% paper-based survey, we can direct you to a company that specializes in this type of survey.
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Do some survey formats work better than others for certain uses?

Most definitely! In most cases, our dual-scale survey is the best because of the additional information they capture. See our usage chart below or call us do discuss you specific need.
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Survey uses and recommended survey types

Area to Evaluate
Single-Scale Survey
Dual-Scale Survey 360 Degree Feedback
Customer Demographics X    
Customer Satisfaction   X  
Website Evaluation   X  
Training Needs Analysis   X X
Product Satisfaction   X  
Enhancement Requests   X  
New Product Scoping   X  
Needs Assessment   X  
Account Management     X
Customer Loyalty X X  
Leadership Effectiveness     X

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