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Compass Plus®
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Compass Plus® is Unique

If you need more precise, timely and appropriate data, you've come to the right place. Compass Plus® is a tool you need to know about.

The Compass Plus® system combines the targeted accuracy of a survey custom designed and branded for your organization with the speed and economy of a computerized tool. 

The Compass Plus® system is different from what most other companies offer in three important ways:

  1. We have consultants on staff that will listen to you and help you design just the survey you need. Our management and training experts are real people with real-world experience.
  2. While many survey system are Internet based, very few offer "dual-scale" capabilities. Compass Plus® does. For each question we capture two data sets, a ranking and a level of importance. This difference is extremely important in most survey types. View a more detailed explanation of the "dual scale" (also called "gap analysis") advantages.
  3. Compass Plus® is fully customizable and can be configured to carry your logo and other corporate branding elements. Your employees and customers will see your name, not ours.